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Eta carina and Southern Pleiades ISO6400

Hi all,
As a bit of an experiment I shot a series of 30 second unguided shots with the modified Canon 50d on a SW Pro 100mm refractor using a LPS filter.
With Eta I got 59 subs with a bit of manual dithering and a resultant crop, while with IC2602 I stacked 49 subs and no dithering at all was used. Processed in Images Plus.

I expected to see more noise - so I was happy with the results.
Previously I posted that I had an odd problem with the camera - I had it investigated and seems likely due to low voltage.

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Click for full-size image (NGC 3372 crop 59x30s6400 ISO 3May21 ED100 50d LPS CombineFilesSigMed IP sm.jpg)
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Click for full-size image (IC2602 49x30sED100 50d 6400ISO LPS 3May21 CombineFilesSigMed IP sm.jpg)
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