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Originally Posted by Steve514 View Post
Hello Allan, thank you for replying,
They are not ribs, they are rods, or perhaps they are vertical ribs! :-)
The one you have in the photo looks like a great design, folding up the way it does.
Also, my shroud doesn't have holes which is frustrating. I can imagine (1) wearing a hole in the material over time as the knob is held through it, and (2) Fumbling to move the scope smoothly when the handle is not defined properly because of the material stretched over it.
When I place the elastic edge UNDER the knob the material becomes too loose and collapses into the light path. Very frustrating.
My 3 PVC struts are actually half inch or 16mm electrical conduit with the ends cut back in half about 20mm
I pulled my struts out of the shroud and cut the rebate section about 3mm shorter to allow them to fit between the OTA tube top and bottom
To be honest this method to hold the fabric away from the OTA tube is a poor design as mine sometimes “pops” off the tube and fall inside
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