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Originally Posted by Allan_L View Post
Its been a while since I used one, but there should be two holes for the knobs to sit in. This should determine the correct positioning of the shroud?

But yes, I do recall a number of occasions when the shroud got in the way. and needed to be pulled tighter.

But I don't remember 4 plastic ribs, only 2, and they went around the shroud, not running the length. But that was a few years ago now. Maybe they changed the design.

Like the image below.
Allows you to collapse the dob without removing the shroud.

Your one must be a new design.
Probably an improvement
Hello Allan, thank you for replying,
They are not ribs, they are rods, or perhaps they are vertical ribs! :-)
The one you have in the photo looks like a great design, folding up the way it does.
Also, my shroud doesn't have holes which is frustrating. I can imagine (1) wearing a hole in the material over time as the knob is held through it, and (2) Fumbling to move the scope smoothly when the handle is not defined properly because of the material stretched over it.
When I place the elastic edge UNDER the knob the material becomes too loose and collapses into the light path. Very frustrating.
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