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I am just sitting here dreaming of having the spare cash to jump in to a 6200 mono. I am definitely due to upgrade the camera I am using and it seems like good money after bad to buy an OSC APS-C sized camera as a stepping stone when I have a scope that seems to cover a FF sensor nicely (As best I can tell by putting an older FF DSLR with bigger, more forgiving pixels on it)

I am keen to use that time to see how the 6200 calibrates, after all the hoops and highjumps involved in nicely calibrating images from my ASI294. I even manged to dial out the background colour blotches they produce in really heavily stretched images with my latest experiment, but flats have to be done very carefully to achieve it.

Add to that I am interested to see how the ZWO 2" filters go, some of the older ones showed halos and other oddities that would steer me toward spending up bigger on Chromas or Astrodons, at least for NB.
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