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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
I know I'm beginning to sound like a broken down record here, but the 2017
flu season
has to date been far worse for the Australian population.

Rough numbers, a quarter of a million infected, plus 740 deaths.
This was not the subject of constant media reporting nor was there a total wrecking of the economy.

The epi-cure of COVID-19 looks to have peaked with 6100 infected, about half recovered thus far and 50 odd deaths. Say those numbers double, still not a patch on the 2017 flu season.

There is no doubt these remarkably low figures were due to quarantine and distancing measures....but might be time to ease up he sloppy/asinine legislation that has seen even learner drivers fined for going for a drive and clearly not presenting any further infection risk to others by doing so. Similarly, I fail to see the infection risk posed by packing up the Esky, re-locating to a second rural/seaside home you may own, to
get away from urban viral-epicentres.
In Italy over 100 doctors, who knows how many other health workers have died of COVID-19. During a 'regular' flu season the number would probably be close to zero. Imagine the outcry if 100 firefighters died last christmas...

The only reason we don't have so many cases in Oz is because we are social distancing. In Italy they have a complete lockdown, far stricter than here and people are still dying in the thousands every day; I agree that people are being fined for ridiculous things but I think at the moment we just have to live with the restrictions.

As far as travelling to a holiday home, some rural hospitals may have only one or two ventilators, so if everyone decided to visit how are these hospitals supposed to provide support to their local residents?

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