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Hi Peter,

just for clarification GSO scopes are generally rebranded across the globe. Here are a few examples:

TPO - seen here at their Website and an image and another here from one of their RC16's (This is a GSO RC16).

GSO - One of their images here. And another here.

Astrotech also have rebranded GSO scopes.

TS have also rebranded GSO scopes.

I have not bought one because I have had other priorities, though I should have bought one and been well ahead by now. I did not have to do much to get my 12" scope working well. I did change it from a tube to a truss and I have used it with several focusers and rotators. I was going to change the mirror cell over to the new one but did not in the end. The scope holds the heavy payload I am asking it to hold well and it never flexes (the scope is holding an Moonlite Nitecrawler 30, AOX, STXL11002 with integrated filter wheel). Focus is always within a few hundred steps on my Moonlite Nitecrawler 30. It is a very affordable alternative to the more expensive scopes. The scopes are not like your scope but they do produce good results generally.

Why are you searching? I am most interested in your reason.
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