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Originally Posted by Slawomir View Post
Hi Peter,

I hope this post is not diverging too much from your question. An alternative solution to buying a GSO RC16 and tweaking it to make it work reliably could be placing a GSO mirror in a mechanically sturdier body. I know that CFF offers such option for those wishing to save some $, but such hybrid would still probably cost 2x the GSO landed.

David (DJT on IIS) recently upgraded his 10" GSO to 10" CFF so he might be able to provide his first hand impressions on build quality.

I found this website with images taken with CFF RC16 and a 35mm chip:
Hi Suave
I will update the CFF thread I have in equipment and keep this clear. Suspect theres a reason why Peter wants to see GSO images with the 16.

Also wondering if the success they have with mirrors on the 8 and 10" has been replicated on the larger ones
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