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Great writeup Mike. I'm off to give it a go on some of my old images to see what's there

btw, there is an alternative to closing registax and reopening it when starting a new batch of bmps for aligning. Rather than close off registax, go back into the align tab, click on framelist and select "Empty List". This will clear registax ready for a new batch of bmps.

I've found this process useful for when working towards creating an animation and trying to get each image to look as similar as possible after processing. It works whether RGB images or seperate R, G or B images are use, but is probably more more relevant for RGBs that aren't going into Astra Image. The advantage of this method is any histogram, gamma, brightness or contrasts adjustments made on the first set of images are kept for each subsequent image processing, but only applied at the wavelets page (hue and saturation are also retained if that page is used as well). I've found it saves a considerable amount of time, and eliminates guess work, and having to write down settings. It will also save wavelets, but that isn't as important as they will be readjusted for the "create reference" phase of optimisation anyway, so having saved wavelet settings is important anyway and this mod doesn't do away with having to do that.

Cheers and thanks again.
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