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Originally Posted by Slawomir View Post
Have no idea how easy it is to use the OAG - my model does not have it. I believe Rick has experience is using 683 WSG model that has an OAG integrated into the camera.
The QSI-683 that I use is in the USA (just moved from California to New Mexico) and I've never physically seen it.

We do sometimes get some odd results on bright stars with big spikes in a variety of directions. I have no idea what causes these but I have been told by one of the chaps in the group that he think it's a "feature" of the camera. I'm pretty good at removing them in PixInsight now

Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
Some camera makers have bias drift hence the PixInsight super bias feature. I am not sure where a QSI stands on this but I do recall Rick using that feature on one of his cameras - I think it was the Apogee 16803.
My Apogee U16M shows significant bias drift as does my SX H-18. The QSI-683 that I have been using only shows a small amount of drift. My guess is that this comes from less than perfect temperature compensation in the support circuitry for the sensor (unlike the sensor, this isn't maintained at a constant temperature.) The feature I use to counter this is overscan calibration. Super bias is a process for creating a low noise master bias from a small number of bias frames. I always take lots of bias frames so I've never used it.

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