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Further to my previous messages and more to the point of your original post I think you would get more 'WOW' from the ES6.7 both from a magnification point of view for planets and also an apparent field point of view, (82 degrees is very nice!). You could then complement this eyepiece with the ES8.8 which would be fantastic with your telescope on globular clusters, planetary nebulae and galaxies. I don't think it is one or the other but both and I think you'll get the most out of the 6.7mm first but since both are useful it then doesn't really matter what order you buy them in.

However I cannot comment on the performance of ES in your Newtonian but can say that I use both my 7mm and 9mm Naglers on my 10.1" f6.4 as often one is either too much magnification or just not quite enough depending on the object and seeing conditions. (I get 182x and 234x). Of course there are times when I can go a lot higher than 234x and you will find this too and depending on how often this is and how much you want to observe at even higher power will be a deciding factor in whether you get even shorter focal length eyepieces.
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