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If details on the Moon look really sharp at mid to high powers, then you absolutely will see Saturn's rings too, assuming it's sufficiently high in the sky. Things turn crap when your target is low in the sky. A dark sky will improve things but is not a must for this. In good seeing, the 10" will bring out some beautiful details, such as the Cassini Division or the planet's shadow on the rings. Not sure what went wrong there. Perhaps the dew you mentioned in another thread was screwing things up somewhere in your optical path? I know it might sound silly, but it happened to me.

Mars, however, can be a difficult target. A stable atmosphere is pretty much essential for enjoyable views there. Plus it must be reasonably close to us. Its distance to Earth varies immensely. Now is still a good time to see it, although it's moving away already (or Earth is, I should say). I understand there are some filters which will improve things further, but haven't tried those yet.

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