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Hi Ray,

Mine's an STF8300M and with the shortest I have which is a 3 min dark, below is what I got from ccdstack

background 928.78
maximum 1,053

and maxim
Minimum 730.000
Average 978.707

I do have bias frames and this is what I get

background 858.30
maximum 921

you've mentioned
SBIG quote 9.3 e read noise and 0.37 gain for their STF8300

ADU = Bias + 10*RN*RN/camera_gain

ADU = 970 + 865/0.37
which is 3307

Is this what I should aim for?

here are some values from my previous images

10min Ha - 1300
20min Ha - 1700
8min L - 4050
2sec to 60sec L - 1500 to 2000

Do we aim at a relatively empty patch for the measurements?
above was from different nights.

I might run a sequence and plot it to see the trend for the stf and my skies.

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