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Why is my Image via my camera not sharp?

Hi everyone,

First off… this is my first post on this site, so please forgive me if I have posted my question in the wrong area.

I have myself a Celestron Evo 8” (non-HD) that is fairly new. I too am very new to this game with only being involved since Dec 2019…. I have a lot to learn.

My issue is I’m not sure why I would be getting very soft to almost blurry images when using my SvBony sv205 webcam. When doing visuals through my eye pieces (40mm. 13mm & 6mm with diagonal) the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter look very sharp.

I have connected my sv205 webcam in different combinations, but the results are somewhat the same. I have to add I’m not running out of focus when using the webcam. Here is how I have connected it.

1- SCT->visual back->diagonal->sv205
2- SCT->visual back->sv205
3- SCT->visual back->diagonal->2x Barlow->sv205
4- SCT->visual back->2x Barlow->sv205

Before posting here I had spent a lot of time researching about my issue and setup (obviously not enough as I haven’t found a solution as yet). I have looked into collimation and I have collimated my OTA to the best of my ability by using a bright star out of focus. The next thing that came up on my search was back focus. With the setups I did above, do I require spacers to increase my back focus, to what length and how? Or could it just be that my “seeing” conditions were not optimal?

Doesn’t anyone here have or has used the 2 items I’m using and how did you connect them to get a sharp image?

On a side note… I do have a Nikon D80 DSLR that I used and got the same result. At the time I did not have the #93633-A T-Adapter, so I had used the 2x Barlow that has a T-Adapter and attached it to either the diagonal or directly to the visual back. I now have the #93633-A T-Adapter, but have not had the opportunity to test with it.

Thank you in advance for your feedback and help.

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