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Thank you guys for the responses. I'm definitely going with the SV. I believe the one I saw is personally checked by Vic so thats a good thing.
I think I will stick to the standard focuser for now and see how it pans out and might keep the feather touch for the next scope. Praying for our dollar to get better then it will be a Takahashi TSA102. I will spend the equivalent of US300 on better EPs.

Not interested in imaging at this stage. This might change later though.

I already spoke to Pete from SDM and i wish i could buy from him but the price localy is so much more than what I can get overseas (damn dollar!!).

I bought the HEQ5Pro mount from Lloydscope and awaiting its arrival and then it gets all exciting getting the scope then selecting the correct EPs. I suppose 3 EPs for start plus a barlow would do the job? Also what mm should I get in order to have good wide viewing and zoom into planets and moon? if only i had 3?
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