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Color correction is not something that you can do. Refractors can show false color if they are not properly corrected by design. Generally, Triplets show better correction than doublets.. The Megrez 90 that I had (My dad has since taken it off my hands as I let him borrow it for a while, and he subsequently fell in love with it..) showed very very good correction.

The two speed focuser of the Megrez is nice, and I would think (assumption) that it would be better than the single speed on the meade unit for photography. However in both cases, the best option would be to budget for a moonlite or better, a feathertouch focuser for either of these scopes. I've got moonlite motorized focusers on both my C11 and my Megrez 102. For imaging, these are VERY accurate and easy to use.

Focusers should bear on your decision somewhat, but in the end, The focuser is replacable, the lenses are not. Pick the refractor with the best optics, worry about the ancillaries later.

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