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Using a bayonet adapter (Other brand bayonet ==> Canon EF) , anyone ??

I've been doing some homework - I have (re-)discovered that my old trusty Minolta XD5 SLR has a standard Minolta MD bayonet (I think).

I've several very nice zooms and fast widefields and telephotos that fit my old XD5 that produced great photos over many years that are still in great nick.

More homework and I located a Minolta MD - Canon EF bayonet adapter complete with compensating optics (a relay lens ??) builtin made in China , bought it via Ebay. Cost me just under $60 (AUD) , if it doesn't work satisfactorily I'll have the transaction reversed by VISA , if I can't get the vendor to refund.

Anyone else taken this cheaper route rather than breaking the bank and buying a set of new Canon or Canon equiv (Sigma etc) lenses for their Canon DSLRs ? How successful were your conversions using the slip on whatever - Canon EF adapter that you tried ?

Will give me more options rather than the EFS lens that came with my 40D kit until the exchange rate becomes more acceptable , or until I find a MINT condition EF 70-200 f2.8 L IS USM on Ebay and win the bidding on it.

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