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Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
I suspect that even if I could find a PK-EF mount, I would need to cut off this metal tab to prevent it causing damage inside my 40D.
I bought an adaptor off eBay a year ago to do this conversion (Pentax K to EOS/EF), it was a cheap adaptor, I thought I'd give it a shot even with the chance it might not work (I was aware of the potential problem).

It works fine on my partner's EOS 33 and my old EOS 300 (both film) because there's significant space for that protrusion to move inside the housing. But even there it's fiddly to get on and off, quite difficult.

On my 350D it can be used but only with extreme care to orientate the lens such that the protrusion doesn't cause a problem. So I don't use it there.

In reality neither of us have ended up using it, because it's just too much hassle (sort of working sort of not kind of situation).
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