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Originally Posted by Pepper View Post
That was cool. How do you stitch all your subs into the time lapse?
thanks Steve - I had the canon saving tiffs and jpgs. I just loaded the jpgs into PIPP and played around in the settings to get an avi file from it. took a few goes, could probably be improved where the mount had to be recentered.

Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
Looks great Russel. Glad to see you had clear skies.
Thanks Marc - me too was only expecting a few individual pics through gaps in clouds - hope you managed to take some pics as well.

Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
Wow - now that is a lot of work.

Excellent animation, well done.


thanks Dennis PIPP made it fairly painless.was just glad the focus held well enough. one image per every 6 seconds from memory.

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