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M104, What went wrong

I recently spent 3 nights at Wiruna under dark skies. Amongst other things I shot M104. This is the last object from that weekend.

M104, The Sombrero Galaxy.

19 by 300 sec, Darks, Flats, Bias
ASI 2600 MC, No filters
Esprit 120 @F7

Bortle 2 sky

Processed in PixInsight

I am not happy with this image.

1. It is blown out, I thought 5 minute subs would be fine, should I try 3 minute subs on this object to reduce the glow?
2. Minimal resolution of the dust lanes. Am I being optimistic shooting this with a 120mm, F7, 840 mm FL refractor. Should I give up and crank up my Edge HD 9.25?
3. I had 2 runs of 12 subs each on this object. 5 were discarded as they were affected by poor guiding. The second run was done with the object low to the horizon. Should I never shoot low to the horizon?
3. Obviously need more subs.

Thanks for looking
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