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How to achieve Declination balance

Hi folks

I didn't think it would be possible to imbalance my 900mm f9 doublet any further than hanging a full frame DSLR off of it, but I've done it.

Turns out an astro cam with filter wheel, oag and reducer/flattener weighs more than a dslr, plus all the cables.

I've always had to slide the tube further forward in the rings than I was comfortable with, and now I've run out of play.

Should I buy some Velcro "wrap-around" weights to put at the objective end of the scope to achieve Declination balance without the flexure risk?

Or do I need a ridiculously long dovetail so I can push the whole lot further forward (this seems a precarious scenario)?

I can't think of too many cons to the Velcro weights idea, provided they are tight enough to not move around.

I can't be the first person to have faced this and yes I know a larger scope would potentially solve my problem

Thanks in advance for your suggestions! Clear skies.
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