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Originally Posted by DJT View Post
So am now at the point where i have started checking the focus far more regularly than when I started out. I am also keen to look at Planetary imaging and will go with mono so need something a bit cleverer than manual advance
Nobody has yet commented on the planetary aspects. I am not totally sure but I doubt that you can use Focusmax, or similar, to autofocus on a planet. I think you would be required to slew away to a star and then slew back....all of which would take too much time between filters. I could be wrong, but I think most planet photographers just focus on the computer screen. Sometimes that can be rather difficult. Also, the planet cameras are video cameras and the focusing programs seem to need a series of frames taken at very specific exposure settings. Again, I am not totally sure, but I think using these cameras might be difficult at best to auto focus with.


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