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Guidance on Auto Focussing - New Territory

So am now at the point where i have started checking the focus far more regularly than when I started out. I am also keen to look at Planetary imaging and will go with mono so need something a bit cleverer than manual for dealing with filters and refocussing.

But just how far can you go in defining auto focus? Would I be able to link to software and have it check the focus for each frame based on certain parameters? Or is "Auto Focus" about having a little handset to fine focus at the flick of a switch or through say some eqmod software.?

So my question is probably 3 fold

1) How far can you go with this? Unattended auto focusing?
2) What recommends for hardware , eg moonlight focuser? and step motors?
3) What software would you recommend for managing this process.

Thanks for any guidance in advance
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