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Originally Posted by DavidTrap View Post
While the Apple devices in our home outnumber the humans 2:1, I still use PC for astro imaging. Have you considered Parallels or Fusion.

Good to hear the SSAG is finally Mac compatible.

So, given this why has QHY been so utterly unwilling to either develop or help others develop drivers for OSX on the QHY5 if Orion can for their badge-engineered copy? Sure, firmware is slightly different, but surely QHY can accommodate the changes so the the same driver can work. Is there any fundamental hardware difference? I could hardly imaging so. It's one of the most popular guide cameras out there and it's an incredible shame that they choose to ignore users on this platform. It's the ONLY reason I actually run Fusion, which I'd love to ditch and stay native. Having to accommodate and entire Windows operation system just to run a guide camera is nuts.
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