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Rokinon 14mm Lens

Hi all,
Wanted to start a discussion on what people think of this lens or if you own one, do you like it.
I have an online fellow landscape astrophotographer in the US who has one and just posted a 100% crop of one of the corners of a shot with the lens wide open at F/2.8 showing no sign of coma at all. Ignore the trailing as it is obviously done on a fixed tripod. Am I right in assuming that this lens is essentially the same as a Samyang 14mm just rebranded for the US market? I have been doing a bit of snooping around looking for reviews. Come across this comparison between a Canon 16-35mm L and the Samyang 14mm on a Canon 5D Mk II
The edge sharpness is what interests me most and if it is that good wide open with no sign of those dreaded seagulls, I'm very tempted. And at a quarter of the cost of something like the 16-25mm L. There are some obvious downsides like a third party brand meaning no AF and no software support, etc.

At the moment I am neither here nor there. Just wanting various opinions.
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