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Originally Posted by Terry B View Post
I ordered my STi last november and it arrived yesterday along with the pouring rain.
I think just wait for the STi and sell the lodestar when it arrives. Solves this hassle.

Let me know how it goes.

Mine should be here this or next week. I think I'll keep the Lodestar as I want a backup guide camera and I am also interested in experimenting with multiple guide cameras.

I had yet another bright idea the other day! If you had say 5 guide cameras and you were able to synch them so they went off in sequence with a bit of software script. Then if you had one second guide exposures you would get 5 corrections per second! That's like an AO device but it would be a lot easier to get a guide star.

Maybe 5 or 6 cheap QHY5 tied together with some controlling software.

Could be an interesting experiment for those who can write script (CCDsoft allows some scripting) and like to tinker.

Who wants to advance autoguiding with the U-Beaut Multi Autoguider??

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