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Originally Posted by cmoris View Post
What happened with the VX5000!!! I have one and I wanna know!!!
Accidentally got damaged in my study when a shelf collapsed a few months ago. Something heavy fell on to the dismantled PCB/chip and smashed straight through the wipe out.

Have just (once again)picked up another bargain fom Dick Smith Electronics : a Logitech C600.
2.O TRUE megapixel chip!............was once selling for $129...........I picked one up from the closest store to me for $27.40!!!
Have not dismantled the camera yet, just testing on my P.C. as is using GSTAR 4.0 capture software.
So far, I can not believe how good the image is at 1600X1200!
Sharp, great contrast, colors and sensitivity in the dark.

Will be interesting for sure!

Check out this link : the Logitech Fushion is a native 1.3MP not a 2.0MP as is the newer C600.
look at the comparison images taken against the TOUCAM !!!

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