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Originally Posted by hotspur View Post
What are the problems Kev?

If you have any issues-have a look at manual-its your friend!

My son has this model camera,I have used it a few times.Been most
impressed,no more difficult to use than my 450D and 350D.

In fact I'd say it gives better images,and the flip screen is very good.
I was going to buy a 7D,but after using flip screen on this one and G12

I really would like to have my next D/SLR to have one.Have a look here at
this image my son took using a cheap 90-300 kit lens that cost $75.

These images are going into the new Royal Queensland Aero Club web site
and advertising material.

One thing I did have to do to the camera body was show my son how to set all the settings-standard,potrait etc,select each item to what you want.
Its in the instruction manual.Quite easy to set.
Hi Chris

The inital problem was taking a picture with auto focus but a bit of reading sorted it out.

Its like jumping out of your motor car then jumping in a Mack truck, You know how to drive it but things are in another place and way more fancy controls.

I,ll keep reading Chris, Thats the only way.
Great pics of the 747 also.

Cheers Kev.
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