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What are the problems Kev?

If you have any issues-have a look at manual-its your friend!

My son has this model camera,I have used it a few times.Been most
impressed,no more difficult to use than my 450D and 350D.

In fact I'd say it gives better images,and the flip screen is very good.
I was going to buy a 7D,but after using flip screen on this one and G12

I really would like to have my next D/SLR to have one.Have a look here at
this image my son took using a cheap 90-300 kit lens that cost $75.

These images are going into the new Royal Queensland Aero Club web site
and advertising material.

One thing I did have to do to the camera body was show my son how to set all the settings-standard,potrait etc,select each item to what you want.
Its in the instruction manual.Quite easy to set.
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