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What filters for Horse Head with Colour CCD

I have posted a shot a few weeks ago that I took of the Horse Head. Never tried this target before and was happy to have captured it with my QHY8 ccd.

I had trouble with the star Alnitak that was causing a band of light through my image. No matter what I did I could not stop this band of light from effecting my shot. I have seen others taking nice shots without this problem??

What filter should or could I use to assist in removing this problem? Should I use a Hbeta filter? I have not used filters in my imaging at this point, so help would be great on this subject.

I am using a colour CCD QHY8. I have O111 and other filters for 1.25, but nothing for 2" at this stage so I want to ask as 2" filters get pricey.

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