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Question Microsoft VX-5000 CMOS based webcam

I grabbed one of these webcams as a possible contendor for planetary imaging.
In one of my other posts, a mini CCD security camera was hopeless : lousy picture, colours all over the place and no control over the settings.

As a matter of interest, this LIFECAM VX-5000 webcam was reviewed as comparable to and equally as good as the Phillips 900nc and the Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 in image quality and low light performance (the Logitech, also a CMOS device, was actually better than the 900nc in the low light department.......interesting?).

Well, I have not yet connected it to a telescope etc., but can say that the image quality on video capture is extremely impressive.
It has a new generation of chip on board with pixels that are 2.4 times larger than previous webcams in the Microsoft range(and probably most other CMOS based webcams).

There is very little noise in near dark lighting conditions and the colour accuracy is outstanding as is the sharpness (with a plastic lens, not a Carl Zeiss or anything in that class).

I have already posted the pics of the webcam dismantled in the other post, so I have not done this's only a small , typical webcam board.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this as CMOS chips are beinning to look scaringly good out in webcam world?
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