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Originally Posted by sheeny View Post
G'Day Trevor,

Not that I've done any LRGB imaging myself, but I've played with Layers and masking a bit.

It may just be that PS only allows you to move the layer by a whole pixel at a time.

Try resizing your image up by say 4x prior to aligning the layers. Once aligned resize the image back to original size. That will give you at least 1/4 pixel alignment accuracy.

Thanks Al appreciate the advice.

Originally Posted by kinetic View Post

it may help, it may not but I vaguely recall either Paul H , Mike or
Bird mention exactly that problem in a thread recently.

Maybe try a few key search words.

I'm sure it was something about moons being blurred when registering
on the planet , and Jup features being blurred when registering on
a moon limb/ feature....

Hope this helps...

Thanks Steve, Mike has just posted how he does it.

Originally Posted by iceman View Post
Here's how I do it:

On your "Moon aligned" image, change the selection type from square to circle, and set a feather of 2 pixels.

Select an area a few pixels larger than the moon, and ctrl-C (copy).

Then just paste that selection over your "feature-aligned" image. It will be pasted as a new layer.

Then just use the move tool to move it in place over the moon. I just use the arrow keys, and use the "eye icon" to "blink" the layer on and off to be sure you've aligned the "aligned-moon selection" correctly over the old-moon.

It's the feather that will ensure you don't get hard lines or edges when it's pasted over the top.

Let me know if you get stuck and i'll post some screenshots.
Thanks very much Mike I appreciate the instructions and will have a go this evening.
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