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comparative testing,at astrofest

Recently i got a canon 70 to 300mm IS USM lens,it cost me approx $800

its only a few weeks old,Unfortunatly i felt the images were not as sharpe as my old kit lens,i was dissapointed,however,i thought it must be me,so i did every setting adjustment i could to see if a sharper pic would didnt,i mentioned this to retailer,but ni didnt complain,i kept
thinking it was me

After,many pics i sterted to suspect lens,but you cant just ring up shop and whinge.i had to be sure,

At Qld Astrofest,i had a friend who has exact copy of the very lens,now

we coud do a proper comparative test,tripod,cable release,same settings

etc,and most importantly 4 or 5 other people with experience to give their thougts.

Suprisingly it didnt take long to show the short fall in my lens,however

i wanted to be really sure,so we swaped lens to different camera bodies

changed settings etc,etc,etc

I conacted retailer,and sent two photos via e=mail,the chap was able

to put halves of each pic on screen,and i havent had too much of a problem yet,i have sent it back,Surely,i hopr they will test it,send it to

canon for recalibration,or replacement

I cant believe my bad luck(yes i am having a whinge now,not avent)

i have done everything possible to look at this objectivly

I wish i could post highjer res pics on this site of tests,i can post a hawk

photo in terestrial items

regards Chris
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