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Have a look at the individual RGB Histograms. If they all show 255 then they are saturated so that the Red, Green and Blue Channels will not have any tones other than 255. This will give whites which are burned out; that is, there is no texture or detail in the stellar disc.

An analogy is like trying to take a single photo of a bride and groom on their wedding day in bright sun light, showing the nice pin stripe in the grooms black suit and the fine, lacy detail in the brides dress.

If you expose for the grooms black suit you should see the texture of the material and the pin stripe but the bride’s white gown will be a glowing, saturated white, with no details as it will be grossly over exposed.

If you expose for the brides white dress, so that you can see the lace and texture of the material, then it is likely the grooms black suit will be a single block of black, with no detail as you will have under exposed for the darks.


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