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Originally Posted by allan gould View Post
.... The main fault with the 201xt and this autoguider is you cant see the guide star and its very difficult to get good focus as you are working blind. Sorry - I see less advantages of with this than the TVGuider ( previously mentioned in these forums. ....

The kit comes with a parfocal eyepiece to focus with. So you basically focus as normal, then slip out the eyepiece, and pop in the guide camera, and thats it, in focus. So if you think that is hard, or aukward, then thats you. Me, i think not. But everyone is different. My wife wanted to paint the observatory green... GREEN for kripes sake... Divorse was in the air !!. Luckily she changed her mind (Pay her off with money for some furniture).
Its advertised on Myastroshop in QLD now anyway, and i believe they have a few in stock and it was tested and found to be easy to use..

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