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I went out for a little while tonight to try and use my dslr canon 350 in the 10" dob.
Looking at the moon it would not find focus going straight into the scope.
This is what I suspected so yesterday I went out and bought an Eyepieces Project Camera Adapter from bintel for about $40 and joined it to a 2 times barlow and there it was. At last I could reach focus on the dslr and the view was great. I was focusing through the view finder on the camera.
The adaptor allows an ep to be dropped into it so I added a 20mm and it looked great. So I suppose this meant that the 20mm was really a 10mm with the barlow.
I then tried a 10mm but could not get the focus right. I am sure that it is there but it is quite windy tonight and maybe the conditions were against me at the higher power.
Now I have photos of the moon with my 10" dob. Only single shots but hey that's a start.
I get the feeling that I may be able to rig something up with the webcam through the adapter. This will be for another night as I have to go to work in the morning.
Hope this helps any one that wants to image with a dslr and a dob.
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