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Originally Posted by Craig_L View Post
You could try a Canon Extender - 1.4X or 2X but your aperture and hence exposure will go up likewise.
This is a good idea, but just a warning to be cautious of that option - I would like to hear from someone who's tried it with one of the canon 1.4X or 2X....

I've tried this with my Tamron 2X and it doesn't work. The focus is fine, etc, but when I take a photograph the camera reports Err 1. It seems that my 350D is not happy not having a lens on the end of the 2X. I think a solution might be to put tape over the contacts of the 2X such that the canon doesn't even know it's there, but I'm not sure if tape can be securely attached and not cause any permanent damage - everything is such a tight fit.

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