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My Baader one turned up yesterday (after a trip with Auspost that averaged under 5KMH time for distance!)

It looks like a nicely made piece of kit. What I need to do now is work out if I can stack it in front of my TOAG with the guide cam in focus in a way that gives me well corrected stars with the ED72. If so I can fit it in front of the TOAG and buy a second compression clamp part for it (They are available separately) that I can put on my SCT to make both work with it.

If not I have to see if I can set the TOAG prism on the corner of the sensor out of the light path but still get useable guide stars when using my SCT. That would actually be really handy as it would allow me to rotate the imaging camera without rotating the guider. Framing change with no need to re calibrate PHD2!

Those ones above look nice!
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