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T2 rotators

Hi Paul,
I have used the 5.5 mm T2 rotator and don't really like it.
The threads are necessarily very short, so I don't have confidence with it holding expensive gear, plus I don't like the way the thumb screws dent the track when tightened. The track also wobbles a bit when rotating.
You could also use a Baader quick changer
I have one on my binoviewers, it's OK to rotate, but not really ideal for what you want.
By far the best rotator I have used is a Borg:
I wish they made it in T2 rather than M57 thread as it is incredibly smooth to rotate and nothing moves when tightening thumb screws. Borg sell M57-T2 adapters that you could use on either side with minimal increase in path length, but the rotator, plus two adapters will work out very expensive. Superb quality at a very high price for what you need. There's definitely a market for a T2 version of it...

Originally Posted by The_bluester View Post
The only T2 one they show on that page is the 5.5mm one which looks very likely to be tilt prone to me. A few searches indicated that was the case, even to the extent of tilt changing depending on where in the sky you are pointing.

I will add the caveat, I am browsing from the phone as our net provider has a major outage today so I could miss things.
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