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Originally Posted by cwjohn View Post
Hi Chris

Congrats on your purchase. I am sure with your expertise you will get it running in no time.

I will be interested in dropping by and seeing this mount. Unfortunately, its load carrying capacity is insufficient for my purposes but should work well in your case provided the specs hold up.

I am still strongly of the view that AP offer the best mounts at a 100Kg+ carrying capacity despite the investment involved.
Don't worry, there will be "viewing hours" once I'm up and running.

I've seen reports that the weight specs are on target. Some people are loading it up to near max and having no difficulty.

I think if it gets to the point where I can afford the scope(s) that weigh more than 52kg (the payload limit not including counterweights)... I can probably seriously consider the expense of the mount necessary to carry it.
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