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AP make a super product, but the software integration of the PMEII or PMX+
is rather unique and very mature (and while you might want to be contrarian with Linux,
I'd suggest you simply go with the Bisque Windows it's free with the mount).

No other mount offers the same level of machining precision (which, to be blunt, excludes everything from China IMHO)
plus T-Point/Pro track integration, plus a seamless interface to track everything from low-earth orbit to the Oort cloud with a single mouse click.
(e.g.Slew Comet McNaught, Right click: set tracking rate Comet McNaught. Done)

I also put my money where my mouth is on this. I still own a G-11 (the best field/luggable bang-for-buck mount out there)
and looked long and hard at AP, 10Micron etc. but still the PMEII offered that little bit more.

Not cheap...but unless I win Lotto, buy several acres in the Southern Highlands and put in a 24" Alluna, I'll still be using the PMEII
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