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Might as well drag this thread out of hiding...

I finally got around to ordering a new mount since I've done the house shift and the dome is almost functional again.

I chose the iOptron CEM120EC2 - It should be here in 2 or so weeks.

I spent a long time researching mounts, but in the end, even though this is relatively "new", it's been getting good reports overall, and significantly it's a lot cheaper than any of the alternatives that offer similar features. It works for both ASCOM and INDI, so I can use either as I require.

I had considered picking up a 2nd hand AP, but they are rarer than hen's teeth. In fact, during this last year when I've been preparing for this, I haven't seen any up for grabs here, although I admit there were times I could have missed it.

I've got a pier to sort out as well, but I have someone local who can build that for me. We're in the process of sorting that out.

The dome won't be 100% ready when the mount gets here, but I should be able to work around the unfinished bits to get the mount and gear running a few tests soon after the pier is installed.

Is it a coincidence that we got our heaviest rainfall here in sometime on the day I did the order?
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