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Starlight Xpress H18 CCD - strange problem

I wonder if anyone can help me understand what is happening here.
I have a new Starlight Xpress SXVR_H18 - just received direct from SX as a replacement for the one I received in November that seemed to be defective. Credit to Terry Platt and Michael also for replacing the camera but I see that aspects of the same problem persist in the replacement as well.
I attach 2 images. One is a luminance image of NGC3324 and surrounds. The other is a 10 minute dark taken directly after. The bright stars from the first image are clearly visible in the dark. Also visible in the dark is a terrible light intrusion in the lower left side - probably amp glow of some kind.
The retained image problem is the same one that I encountered in the first camera as well. The amp glow is new though.
I wonder if anyone else with an H18 has any similar problems. And also, whether anyone has any idea what the cause may be.
I am using Maxim 5.15 to capture.

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