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R852MD model, 15cm bass drivers. Just learned: When Monitor Audio launched its R852MD loudspeaker the first model to incorporate a metal dome tweeter – it caused quite a stir. Until that time, most metal domes were single-metal types made from copper or titanium and virtually all sounded unconvincing. The R852 used an aluminium-magnesium alloy dome and sounded significantly better and smoother than all of its single-metal rivals. It also incorporated ferro-fluid damping/cooling of the metal voice-coil former and a vented voice coil mechanism for better heat dissipation. These radical design elements formed the basis for successive generations of C-CAM metal domes.

System type : Sealed box [infinite baffle]
-::- Tweeter : 19mm mylar dome
-::- Woofer : 150mm plastic coated, fibre cone bass/mid [high temperature 25mm voice coil, 10.000 gauss magnet, PVC surround with rubber surround
-::- Frequency response : 70Hz to 20kHz 4dB [anecohic measurement], 42Hz to 22kHz overall
-::- Crossover point : 3.5kHz [18dB/octave]
-::- Sensitivity : 98dB max at 1m, 20W for 96dB at 1m
-::- Impedance : 8 ohms nominal
-::- Recommended power : 8 to 30 watts
-::- Cabinet : bass reflex, high density 17mm wall thickness with polyester filling and polurethane foam absorption filling
-::- Dimensions [W x H x D] : 228 x 405 x 203mm
-::- Weight : 6.75g each, - packed 8.5kg each