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Originally Posted by strongmanmike View Post
Looking good Paul, I assume that's your Scopedome, moved from Clayton Bay?

Yes this was the dome at Clayton Bay. It is a version 1 Scopedome. I have modified it to have the latest control boxes after I had a nasty accident with the umbilical cord. It was a fatal flaw of the older version. With some adaption you can rid yourself of the umbilical cord and have flawless operation.

Personally, I prefer the older version as there is less silicone (I think I used 14 tubes on a recent installation) required than the new models. The new model has some great ideas such as the door in the side and the wiring lum works better. On the V1 model all the dome drains into wells at the bottom of the moving dome and then that runs outside, water cannot egress into the observatory floor. The new version relies on a good silicone seal in various areas. It can be achieved but you need to be careful during installation not to miss or go too thin with the silicone in the required areas.
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