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Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
Massive undertaking. Must have taken some serious planning. I've heard about that dark sky reserve in SA. It's a really good initiative. The skies must be unreal down there. I assume you guys get some heat in summer as well. Doesn't matter much for the gear during the day or do you try to keep it cool as much as possible. Aircon? Insulation? I see you'll rely mainly on solar panels so power will be limited. How do you deal with internet and remote operation? Satellite? Or are you close enough for 4G reception?
We have been planning this project for three years now. Most of it was working out what we were going to provide and what the long term plan should be. It does get hot there and we have allowed for higher insulation in the observatories to preserve equipment.

Internet is primarily fixed wifi which has great signal and there is 4G for back up. We have two towers 2.5km away.

Remote operation will be private networks to each operator. Our infrastructure is designed to only allow access only to the clients computer and the weather information.

Originally Posted by strongmanmike View Post
Looks like a formidable but very exciting undertaking Paul Looks like a great isolated site too and dark!

We are on opposite ends of the height above sea level spectrum, huh?... I won't get 45degC days and you won't get snow

Does the Murray ever flood there?...I am assuming not.

Looks like a handy spot there, with some nearby amenities and access to frolicking on the Murray, should you chose, very cool.

The light pollution map confirms the darkness levels measured there 2 years ago. One of the great things about the site is that there is not much cloud during much of the year. We are far enough away from the coast for most cloud to dissipate before reaching our site. Major storms excepted. Temperature wise there will be some hot days but we are taking precautions to prevent too much of a build up inside the buildings. Certainly no snow.

At 56 meters above sea level, the site is not subject to flooding. I think we are 40 meters above the river there. The 56 flood was about 9 meters above the river level at Swan Reach. There are signs at the ferry about the floods in the last 70 years.

There are some amenities in town, but it is pretty limited. A nice meal can be had at the hotel, there are a couple of caravan parks nearby and some smaller stores.

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