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Swan Reach Imaging Services

This project has been a couple of years in the making. My business partner rang me three years ago and asked me if I would be interested in buying a property with him near Swan Reach. I of course agreed as I have been slowly working towards doing astronomy work that pays and this was my natural progression of establishing a hosting facility. The facility is located in the newly formed International Dark Sky Reserve with approved readings of 21.99 across the entire reserve. Our location is on the eastern side of the reserve so it is even further away from Adelaide. Adelaide is 160km away from the site.

Our goal is to initially build and operate a 9m x 6m roll off roof shed (contractor has been sorted) which will accommodated 9 piers to host robotic systems. My partner will have two piers and I will have one (I also have a dome on site so I get a another pier). We will only be hosting piers but not selling time on our equipment. If all goes well we will build another shed next year to accommodate further clients.

The site is located near Swan Reach on a 200 acre property. The compound where the facility is located will be fenced with security fencing and have security monitoring of all buildings and grounds in the immediate vicinity. Our primary concern is provide a secure site for our clients to have their equipment hosted.

Over the last 6 weeks or so we have selected the facility site, had earth works undertaken, installation of containers, purchase of a 63kwh battery system and 5.5kw solar panel system, holes dug for the panel support structure and NBN infrastructure installed.

In the coming weeks I plan on installing the steel framing, which I fabricated, into 700mm deep holes x 450 wide and pouring concrete. Once this is done we will install the power system and get that operational. Shortly to follow will be installation of Allsky camera and weather station and then commencement of excavations for the roll off roof and dome.

We hope to have the entire facility operational and bug tested by late October early November. If you are interested in becoming a client please send me an email to discuss further. We will be providing a high quality service in a dark sky with good seeing. I will personally install your equipment and ensure it is operating at peak performance. Service work will be conducted in a fortnightly cycle for all clients.

For now, please enjoy the construction ride.

First images are the site, then each will follow from here.
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