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Originally Posted by Startrek View Post
Your AZEQ6 mount has a max payload of 22Kg ( recommended Astro payload 16kg )
My EQ6-R mount has a max payload of 20kg ( recommended Astro payload 15kg )
I have 3 x 5.1kg counterweights on my mount ( it only came with 2 x 5.1kg counterweights )
So the answer to your question is 3 x 5.1kg are fine for your AZEQ6 mount

Due to the laws of physics with “moment of inertia” in balancing weight (mass) on an axis , the opposing forces of torque are minimised if the weights are closer to the centre of axis or pivot point
I would slide your counterweights together as one single static weight and then slide them as close to the mount as possible whilst keeping the mount balanced plus a slight adjustment for “East Heavy”
I have my 3 x 5.1kg counterweights locked up together and pushed up the counterweight shaft as close as possible to the mount. I had to buy a counterweight extension shaft as my existing shaft was 40mm too short and adding another counterweight was counterproductive
There’s a lot of conjecture about this principle , it works fine for me with tracking and guiding but I just do it anyway as most Astro sites , YouTube clips , video and magazines you see this configuration time and time again , I’ve rarely seen the counterweights spaced apart until I saw your photo
My recommendation......
Thanks Martin.

I will try with the weights together. I can't use the counterweight extension bar as I lost it and it is next to impossible to get a replacement at the moment.

Adrian at Teststar Manly recommends against their use for a number of reasons, rigidity and length of moment arm.
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