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Choices, so many...

Hi Everyone,

I am new(ish) so hello. I'd just like to say up front that I like the word 'Pique' and I like biscuits.

Oh, I also like astronomy.

I've been using an 8" Meade 200GPS for a while now and have been enjoying the sights. I'm selling it and changing things (who knows if this is upgrading or otherwise) to an HEQ5 Pro mount...BUT...

What scope to use? So many conversation on the site are around what goals we have and what our intentions are going forward, so in a nutshell, I want to do everything at an amateur level.

I want something that will allow me to see the sights of deep sky (within reason and limits of the mount), something that I can take photos with eventually as this piques my interest (did I mention I like that word?). I'm less interested in the planets but want to see them anyway, so does my 6 year old daughter. My wife thinks I do too much introspective reflection on the night sky...or in other words am an idiot , but it's all part of the package I say!

With all that in mind, what do I look at? I've got 15kg to play with, $2.5k budget for the tube assembly (mount not included), an HEQ5 Pro mount and live in an area where there's no light pollution. I don't have a dome but am not looking at wanting to do long exposure photographs at this point - I'm still enjoying the journey and am beyond my first scope.

Can anyone suggest a setup that will let me enjoy the sights with my eyes and do some amateur shots (later) so I can continue my journey?

Thanks everyone for your experience and insights.

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