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The home group is at

There is some information here and a lot of data, there is a link to the first workshop we held as one group a few years ago. The slideshows may not mean much without expert commentary but go have a look.

This was over three days and a lot of this is detailed stuff rather than a fluffy press release so don't expect to understand the implications of what the graphs are showing you. :-)

As for the RASNZ we have enough observers in NZ already (inc John Drummond) I am trying to reach any sort of group in Australia that may be simaliar. Anyone doing supernova searches is perfectly suited to doing this research. The main difference is intense monitoring of one feild rather than skipping over dozens per night and simpler data processing at the observers end. Also you are part of a collaberation rather than an individual discoverer. The three main groups can't exist without each other. The large survey telescopes catching the precursor to events, the followup of lots of small telescopes (over different time zones) and the university professors who analyse the light curves. No single group can exist without the other. No single person could possibly find, image and analyse a microlense event.
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