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Thats incredible!
As time goes on i think more and more good science can be obtained with "off the shelf" telescopes and accessories.
You should have done a talk in Canberra at the recent NACAA convention, this is a good place to start getting the word out about it to people who want to learn what they can do with their scopes.
I know of one fellow in Armidale, NSW, who has a 14" Meade but it seems to just gather dust as the owner is a doctor and always on call! Its a pity that i don't have access to this sort of gear.

It would be good to access one of the Faulkes telescopes through a school program to try for this sort of stuff too!

Cheers and thanks for sharing the data!

Do you have a website for this sort of stuff? I might know a few people who would be interested, you could try some people in the RASNZ Occultations groups who may want to take up the challenge!
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